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Mar 28, 2019

Episode 29: Eight Week Classes - Faculty talk Focused and Flexible


In episode 2 of Our College, Your Voices we discussed the major system-wide change underway at Ivy Tech to transform the College from a predominantly sixteen week institution to a predominantly eight week institution.  That episode focused on this initiative from the perspective of administrators.  By your request during the Provost Listening Tour, in episode 7 - and now again in this episode - we hear from faculty.  This time, our panel members volunteered based on an open call in email.     


Remember that Ivy Tech faculty and staff can access all resources related to eight week classes in MyIvy on the Employee tab.


Call To Action

In each episode, we’re going to ask you to engage in a call to action.  We’d love for you to share your perspectives on eight week classes with us.  We will talk about eight week classes again.  Would you like to come on the podcast to share your perspective on eight week classes?  Reach out.


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