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Aug 1, 2018


In episode 2 of Our College, Your Voices we discuss the major system-wide change underway at Ivy Tech to transform the College from a predominantly sixteen week institution to a predominantly eight week institution.  In January of 2018, President Ellspermann and then Provost Steve Tincher announced that the College was going to move from predominantly sixteen week to a predominantly eight week institution over the next three to five years. 

Our panel members had a lively discussion about their personal experience with eight week classes as well as the first few months of this transition at the College.  You can connect with our panel members if you’d like to know more.  They are:

● Stacy Atkinson, Ivy Tech Richmond. You can connect with Stacy on     twitter @satkinson1231 and learn more about the exciting things         happening on the Richmond campus @IvyTechRichmond.

● Rod Brown, Ivy Tech Indianapolis

● Janet Trout-Swalls, Ivy Tech Terre Haute


 In the episode, we referenced the following:


  • We discussed the positive impact the work of our colleagues at Odessa College.  You can learn more about Odessa at  In addition to Eight Week Classes, we specifically mentioned the Four Commitments of the Drop Rate Improvement Program.  We’ve found this link helpful as we have thought about implementing something similar at Ivy Tech.


  • We mentioned the white paper written by Dr. Ron Sloan that was distributed in January 2018 when Dr. Ellspermann and Provost Emeritus Tincher announced the move from predominantly sixteen week to a predominantly eight week institution.  You can access that paper at


  • We also referenced a flier created by our Terre Haute campus -  one of our three campuses leading the way in eight week class implementation.  It inspired the title for our episode!  You can see that flier at the end of these show notes.

Call To Action

In each episode, we’re going to ask you to engage in a call to action.  We’d love for you to share your perspectives on eight week classes with us.  We might even share your story on a future episode.  You can email us at our new email address -!