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Nov 29, 2018

Episode 8: Academic Advising - Partnering for Student Success

This week we’re going to be discussing the College’s advising model.  

In the September President’s Update, Susan Hawkins-Wilding discussed the new advising model as well as a brief evolution of advising at Ivy Tech. You can watch that update at

Nov 8, 2018

Episode 7: Eight Week Classes - Faculty talk Focused and Flexible


In episode 2 of Our College, Your Voices we discussed the major system-wide change underway at Ivy Tech to transform the College from a predominantly sixteen week institution to a predominantly eight week institution.  That episode focused on...

Nov 1, 2018

Episode 6: Gateway to Work


We hope you enjoyed that we brought two episodes to you in October. We’re moving ever closer to a one episode per week schedule.  There is no President’s Update this month, but in November, we’re also going to be adding the audio of the monthly President’s Update into the podcast...