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Jul 8, 2021

Ivy Tech is focused on developing the workforce to ensure the success of Indiana employers and our students. New technology, particularly in the manufacturing sector has prompted the development of a new degree to address the growing technical needs of advanced manufacturing companies in Indiana. 

The Smart Manufacturing and Digital Integration degree will be available on select campuses beginning fall of 2021. The subject matter experts who are also faculty and chairs in the school of Advanced Manufacturing, Engineering, and Applied Science developed the degree and are here along with the vice president of the school to provide more information. 


Today’s Guests are:

  • Sue Smith, Vice President of Advanced Manufacturing, Engineering and Applied Science (AMEAS), Systems Office
  • Bryce Eaton, Department Chair AMEAS, Lafayette Campus
  • George Tackett, Program Chair AMEAS, Madison Campus
  • Joe Otte, Adjunct Faculty, AMEAS, Columbus Campus
  • Molly Joseph, Department Chair, Advanced Automation and Robotics Technology and Industrial Technology, Terre Haute Campus
  • Natalie Medich, Department Chair and Assistant Professor, Advanced Automation and Robotics Technology, South Bend/Elkhart Campus
  • Rufus Pace, Industrial Technology Instructor, Terre Haute Campus