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Oct 15, 2018

Thanks for listening to Episode 5.


This was our first mid-month episode and our second conversation on student life at Ivy Tech. Check out Episode 4 if you haven’t done so yet to hear a lively conversation between three of our Student Government Association presidents. Today’s episode looks at connecting student life activities to the classroom and beyond. In this episode, our panel: Vanessa Fritz, Anna Droste-Glowinski, and Kat Stremiecki shared about their experiences with both applied learning and service learning. 


In the episode, Vanessa discussed college policy on Service Learning. That policy is ASOM 6.17 available at  That policy also contains the college’s definition of service learning.


Kat shared the definition of applied learning.  It is: “Applied learning is a co-curricular activity used to enhance a topic or skill learned in the classroom.”


Call To Action

In each episode, we ask you to engage in a call to action.  We’d love for you to share your perspectives on the importance of Service Learning and Applied Learning with us. 


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