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Jul 16, 2020

This week we're going to dig into the new delivery method we're introducing at Ivy Tech this fall called Learn Anywhere.

Learn Anywhere didn't actually come about because of Covid19. We began discussing Learn Anywhere as a part of our work to help support Single Moms. Covid19 provided a reason to accelerate the launch of this new learning method. In today's episode, we want to talk with three folks from campuses that are offering a higher percentage of Learn Anywhere courses for the fall semester.

Our guests for this week’s episode are:

  • Tammy Frankland, Richmond
  • Amanda Harsin, Madison
  • Mia Johnson, Muncie with interim posting at Anderson

Call to Action

We hope this episode helped you clarify your understanding of Learn Anywhere.  Reach out with questions or talk with your academic leadership team if you’re interested in giving it a try. As we shared in the episode, we’re sharing the official definition of Learn Anywhere below.

The College's official definition of LearnAnywhere is in ASOM 6.10 which is available at

The current definition of this learning method (as of the date we publish this episode is:

"Courses will be taught from an on-site instructional location following the course schedule and students can attend in-person, via live webcast technology, or view a recording of the live session. If scheduled at multiple on-site instructional locations, the instructor will be in a classroom with students at one on-site instructional location while other students attend at a separate on-site instructional location(s) or virtually.

The course may be supplemented with other asynchronous activities via IvyLearn, but no less than 1/2 of the contact hours will be assigned to live activities. Students choosing to attend live via webcast technology from an off-campus location will need sufficient broadband access and a microphone or headset.

A webcam may be required. Students may be required to attend campus to visit the testing center to take proctored exams or to complete skills demonstrations."

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