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May 10, 2019

In today’s episode, we will be talking with participants and facilitators from this year’s Leadership Academy class. Each year 25 – 30 faculty and staff members are chosen from around the state to participate in seven two-day sessions led by Ivy Tech’s Talent Development Team where they focus on topics such as leading teams, individual development and mentoring.


Call To Action

You can learn more about Leadership Academy and Ivy Tech’s other talent development programs or learn how to apply for the next class here:  


Get In Touch!

  • You can reach out to our panel:
    • Trent Hawker, Talent Development Specialist
    • Kathy Kravitz, Dean of the School of Arts, Sciences & Education, Valparaiso Campus
    • Anthony Jackson, Assistant Director of Bursar Operations, Indianapolis Campus
    • Toni Shields, Assistant Professor of Communication, Terre Haute Campus


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