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Nov 1, 2018

Episode 6: Gateway to Work


We hope you enjoyed that we brought two episodes to you in October. We’re moving ever closer to a one episode per week schedule.  There is no President’s Update this month, but in November, we’re also going to be adding the audio of the monthly President’s Update into the podcast feed for Our College, Your Voices.  So, if you happen to miss a President’s Update you can continue to watch those on YouTube using the link provided each month by President Ellspermann, but now you’ll also be able to listen to the audio only here in the podcast feed.  


On today’s episode, we’re going to be talking about a program the state of Indiana is launching in January – Gateway to Work. We talked with Anne Penny Valentine and John Barth, two people working to prepare Ivy Tech to support Gateway to Work participants.  John, Anne, and I discussed why Ivy Tech is involved and how this program supports Ivy Tech’s strategic plan and the state of Indiana’s goal of improving the degree attainment of all Hoosiers.


Call To Action

In each episode, we’re going to ask you to engage in a call to action. First, if you’d like to learn more about Gateway to Work, you can check out the FSSA Gateway to Work website at We’d also love to hear your ideas of ways Ivy Tech can prepare to support students enrolled in Gateway to Work – things we should consider that we might not have contemplated yet. You can email us at our new email address - and as always you can interact with me on Twitter @KNMTweets.


Get In Touch!

  • Today’s guests are:

o   Anne Penny Valentine - Anne is on twitter @indypenny and she’s the world’s most awesome podcast producer

o   John Barth - John works at Managed Health Systems.  MHS is on social media @MHSIndiana

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