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Feb 11, 2021

Career Champions is a campaign launched in November 2020 by Strategy Team 4.4, to fulfill the tactic “build a culture of career coaching statewide.” On this week’s episode, we’ll hear from six of our Team Ivy family who serve as Career Champions across the College.

You too can become a career champion. To access the Career Champion training, check out the Career Champion learning module in IvyLead. This direct access link should work: If not, you can get to the training by visiting MyIvy and clicking on the Employee tab. Select IvyLead.

Once you’re in IvyLead, click the Learning Library link at the top of the screen. Click your mouse next to the Search icon and type Career. Scroll down just a bit and you’ll see the e-Learning for Career Champions. You can also watch this video to learn more about how to access the e-Learning. Click the image to start the e-Learning. If you’d like to watch a quick video of how to access the training, visit