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Sep 1, 2018

We have a BIG episode on tap for you today with three different interviews.  In an institution like Ivy Tech with thousands of faculty and staff, getting a great idea you have from the classroom or office at a campus into the hands of other faculty and staff all across the College who may benefit from it can be daunting.  In this episode, we will discuss several ways you can bring visibility to your great idea - and may even find a source of funding to directly benefit your campus and students.


Segment One: Simplex



  • Kirsten Biel, Assistant Vice President of Talent Development; Systems Office
  • Jason Roth, Program Chair for Design Technology, Assistant Dean for the School of Advanced Manufacturing, Engineering, and Applied Science; Indianapolis Campus. You can connect with Jason on LinkedIn at  You can learn more about the Design Technology program at our Indianapolis campus by following them on social media @IndyDESN


Learn more about the Simplex Training & Certification Process:


Upcoming Simplex Training Dates & Application Information:

Training     Dates                       Location            Application Date


Simplex 1  November 8-9, 2018   Indianapolis    Friday, Sept 14, 2018


Simplex 1  November 30 &           Elkhart            Friday, Oct 5, 2018

                December 7, 2018


Simplex 1  January 25 &               Columbus       Friday, Nov 30, 2018

                February 1, 2019

Simiplex 2 Spring 2019 Dates TBD Indianapolis             TBD


Application Instructions for Simplex Training:


Part Two: Eight Week Classes


  • Cory Clasemann-Ryan, Assistant Vice President of Student Success; Systems Office


The second conversation on today’s episode was about funding opportunities to support eight week classes.  I want to thank Dr. Cory Clasemann-Ryan who is Assistant Vice President of Student Success.  You can connect with Cory on Twitter @CoryClasemann.  If you’re a part of our Ivy Tech family, you can learn more about Eight Week Classes by going to MyIvy, selecting the Employee tab and then scrolling down on the Employee Dashboard to the area just below the Strategic Plan where you’ll see eight week class information.


Part Three: Annual Programs that allow you to Bring Big Ideas to Life



  • Russ Baker, Vice President for Academic Affairs; Systems Office. 
  • Andy Bowne, Senior Vice President and Chief Operating Office; Systems Office. You can connect with Andy on LinkedIN at
  • Annette Lamb, Executive Director of Development Operations; Ivy Tech Foundation.  You can connect with Annette on LinkedIn at 
  • Renee  Rule is Associate Professor of English. Renee teaches ENGL111 urban gardening, service learning class at the Noblesville campus. She may be reached at


Student Success Summit (Guest: Russ Baker)

For the first time this year, any full-time Ivy Tech employee can submit a concurrent presentation proposal for the Student Success Summit held at French Lick on March 28-29, 2019. If the proposal is accepted, that individual or panel members will have a “golden ticket” to attend the summit from their campus. This opens the  opportunity to attend and participate in the summit to anyone with a great idea or current practice that they want to share. Proposal guidelines will be shared with the entire Ivy Tech community in early September.  You can learn more at


Innovation Day (Guests: Andy Bowne & Renee Rule)

Innovation Day plans will be announced by email in late September/early October.  Innovation Day will occur in early Spring semester 2019.  You can learn more at


Circle of Ivy (Guests: Annette Lamb & Renee Rule)

You can learn more about - and join - Circle of Ivy by going to


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