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Sep 2, 2021

Goal 5 of Ivy Tech’s Strategic Plan is all about continuing to grow as a great place to work. This week’s podcast is all about a new way to recognize employees - specifically academic advisors - for their service to the College.

The Vice President for Student Success and Assistant Vice President of Academic Advising formed a team consisting of Chancellors, Directors, Advisors, Vice Chancellors of Student Success, and Human Resources in Fall 2019. The goal of the team was to develop Advising levels similar to Faculty levels.

The team reviewed advising turnover rates and compared other institutional structures for advising promotions. They developed, as an outcome, advising levels. The Advising levels create a pathway for advisors to advance in their position by providing evidence of continued professional development, outstanding performance, and service to the College and community. The goal of this project is to be both a retention and professional development tool.

Thanks to our expert panel:

  • Cory Clasemann, Vice President for Student Success, Systems Office
  • Susan Hawkins-Wilding, Assistant Vice President of Academic Advising, Systems Office
  • Jodie Beatty, Vice Chancellor for Student Success, Sellersburg Campus
  • Angie Shafer, Director of Academic Advising Columbus Campus

This new program will begin rolling out in September so watch for more information. And, we do plan to do this for other employee groups so stay tuned to more information on that.

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