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Nov 29, 2018

Episode 8: Academic Advising - Partnering for Student Success

This week we’re going to be discussing the College’s advising model.  

In the September President’s Update, Susan Hawkins-Wilding discussed the new advising model as well as a brief evolution of advising at Ivy Tech. You can watch that update at  

Ivy Tech employees can download slides from and view recordings of all past Virtual Updates by logging into MyIvy, clicking the Employee tab and going to the Employee Dashboard.

We’re going to dig a little deeper into the advising model today and hear from a faculty member and an advisor about the new model.


Call To Action

Advising is a core element of how we at Ivy Tech help students reach their completion goals.

Our first call to action - update your profile in IvyAdvising with a photo.  

The second - check out the additional resources the panel discussed. Ivy Advising resources can be found on the employee and faculty tabs in MyIvy under Academic Advising and Resources.


Get In Touch!

  • Today’s guests are:
    • Rebecca Zauel is Academic Advisor at Ivy Tech Indianapolis. You can connect with Rebecca on linked in.  Her Profile address is
    • Justin Suer is Dean of Business, Public & Social Services at Ivy Tech Sellersburg.  You can connect with Justin on social media @Suer_Rat and with Ivy Tech Sellersburg @ivysellersburg
    • Susan Hawkins-Wilding is Assistant Vice President for Academic Advising
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