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Sep 9, 2021

ASAP is Ivy Tech’s accelerated associate degree program where students graduate with their associate degree in just 11 months. In the summer of 2020, ASAP applied for and received a grant from Circle of Ivy to provide stress management curriculum and materials to students.

During the most recent academic year, the Stress management kits were provided to all ASAP students statewide and mental health programming was incorporated into Flexible Friday curriculum delivered by trained mental health professionals.

The statewide mental health programming was delivered via synchronous Zoom meetings which continued to strengthen students' sense of belonging within the statewide learning community. Students were equipped with stress management strategies and tools necessary to successfully persist in their accelerated curriculum and complete their first college degree in 11-months.

This week’s guests are:

  • Paula Birt, Assistant Vice President K-14 Initiatives & ASAP, Systems Office
  • Beth Chaney, ASAP Director, Kokomo/Logansport
  • Stephanie Drudge, ASAP Director, South Bend/Elkhart
  • Heather McDonald, ASAP Director, Columbus
  • Adam Werling, ASAP Coordinator, Muncie

If you’d like to learn more about Circle of Ivy, please visit If you’d like to learn more about ASAP, please visit

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