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Jul 1, 2021

Today is our fourth episode of transfer-focused podcasts. We have been looking at various aspects of transfer at Ivy Tech including the role of our transfer advocates on each campus to a look at recent changes and opportunities with dual credit transfer and how students can complete high school with one year already earned toward their college degree.

In our most recent podcast, we discussed what is happening on a statewide level to expand transfer opportunities for students. Today, we are going to change our focus to highlight what we believe the be one of our oldest and strongest partnerships with a four-year university.

Long before Ivy Tech was named as the community college for Indiana with transfer as a specific part of our mission, IUPUI and Ivy Tech forged a partnership called Passport to specifically identify transfer opportunities and provide a bridge for transferring from Ivy Tech to IUPUI. This partnership has now been in existence for more than 22 years and has successfully assisted literally thousands of students over that time. 

Our guests this week are:

  • Dr. Kathy Lee, Chancellor, Ivy Tech Community College, Central Indiana
  • Dr. Kathy Johnson, Executive Vice Chancellor and Chief Academic Officer, IUPUI
  • Dr. Cathy Buyarski, Executive Associate Dean, University College, IUPUI 
  • Dr. Rod Brown, Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs, Ivy Tech Central Indiana

We included several calls to action in this week’s episode.

Check out the book Dr. Buyarski mentioned. It is: The Transfer Experience: A Handbook for Creating More Equitable and Successful Postsecondary System. You can find it on our Bookshop page ( or by visiting or anywhere you wish to purchase books.

The Gartner program we mentioned is available at

Check out our past episodes featuring LSAMP at: and

You can also learn more about our partnership to promote scholarships with IUPUI by listening to