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May 13, 2021

This episode features The American Association of Community Colleges (AACC) which is the primary advocacy organization for the nation’s community colleges. The AACC has nine commissions that were established to provide advice to the AACC Board and staff, encourage collaboration among community colleges across the country, provide a forum for focused conversations about important community college issues and priorities, provide for increased involvement in the Association, and provide leadership opportunities for members of the AACC Board of Directors, who serve as the chairs of the commissions.

Last year, Ivy Tech put forward 10 individuals to serve on these commissions and all 10 were selected. Today, Ivy Tech leaders who served on AACC Commissions will discuss their experience in their roles in hopes of encouraging more Ivy Tech representatives to apply and participate.

Our panel members today are:

  • John Cowles, Vice Chancellor for Student Success, Indianapolis Campus
  • Matt Probst, Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs, Lawrenceburg Campus
  • Dean McCurdy, Chancellor, Kokomo Campus
  • David Bathe, Chancellor, Lafayette Campus

There is still an opportunity to apply for the various Commissions. As of now, the Commissions that have the least amount of Ivy Tech applications are the Commission on College Readiness, Commission on Public Relations, Advocacy and Advancement, Commission on Small and Rural Colleges, and Commission on Structured Pathways.

Please send your interest to serve on one of the nine Commissions to Mary Jane Michalak at by May 14, 2021. 

The Commissions and the number of people we have already had express interest are:

Commission on College Readiness (1)

Commission on Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity (5)

Commission on Economic and Workforce Development (5)

Commission on Institutional Infrastructure and Transformation (6)

Commission on Public Relations, Advocacy, and Advancement (2)

Commission on Research and Community College Trends and Issues (6)

Commission on Small and Rural Colleges (2)

Commission on Structured Pathways (1)

Commission on Student Success (3)

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